Kim Kardashian eyelash extensions

5 Celebrities With Amazing Eyelash Extensions

Celebrities have been the trendsetters for years. We bring their photos in when we want our hair or makeup done to show what look we are after.
These celebrities are rocking some eyelash extensions, lets go over how you can achieve each look.

1. Kim Kardashian eyelash extensions

Kim Kardashian eyelash extensions

We have Kim Kardashian to thank for so many trends that have come and gone over the last few years. The biggest one which is here to stay is definitely big eyelashes.
She is naturally blessed with gorgeous eyelashes, so she can handle and support a thick set of eyelash extensions, that are also balanced by her long lower lashes.
If you are after her look we would recommend our Poni Lash Serum & Glamour set of lashes, in a longer length.

2. Taylor Swift eyelash extensions

taylor swift eyelash extensions

Taylor Swift has gorgeous eyes. They are on the smaller side, but had a lovely almond shape.
If you wanted to achieve this look we would recommend our classic full set of lashes, in a winged out shape, to play on the outer corners.
To further enhance the shape, you can pair it with our Poni Pegasus Liquid eyeliner, which wont make your extensions fall our like other eyeliners.

3. Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions

Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions

Kylie Jenner has gorgeous features. Her bold lashes, and brows perfectly frame and lift her face.

To achieve her look we would recommend a glamour set of lashes, in a medium, curly length. It would pair perfectly with our signature brow sculpt to frame the eyes, and the face.

4. Beyonce eyelash extensions

beyonce eyelash extensions

Beyonce is always perfectly put together.
She has beautiful big, brown eyes, which pair perfectly with big lashes.
To achieve her look we recommend a Glamour set of lashes and our Poni Pegasus Liquid eyeliner

5. Selena Gomez eyelash extensions

selena gomez eyelash extensions

Selena Gomez also has smaller almond eyes, like Taylor Swift. She however opts for much more volume and thickness.
She doesn’t go too overboard with length which keeps them from making her eyes look smaller.
For this look we would recommend the Glamour set of eyelash extensions, in a shorter length.

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