How to make your eyelash extensions last longer

Eyelash extensions is a luxury everyone should indulge in but don’t throw away your money by not taking care of them. Here are my top 5 tips on how to make them last longer.

1. Avoid water for the first 48 hours

This is may be the hardest but most beneficial way to extend the life of your lashes. Avoiding water for the first 48 hours after application will give the eyelash extension glue time to bond and strengthen. If you need to have a shower after your appointment make sure you do not face the water directly. Steam from hot water can also disintegrate the glue so lukewarm water is recommended. After the first 48 hours you should use some micellar water to clean your eyelash extensions and face daily.

2. Sleep facing upwards

I love my sleep, so I feel the struggle. If you can manage to sleep facing upwards this can actually prevent accidentally squashing or pulling of your eyelash extensions. Dear Lashes recommends cuddling up inbetween two pillows to prevent any nighttime tossing. If you feel like you are still rolling around during your sleep then there are special pillows on the market that are designed to let you peacefully sleep upwards.

black diamond 7ml

3. Use eyelash extension friendly makeup products

Eyelash extension makeup products come highly recommended for any lash addict. Most makeups contain oil which breaks down eyelash extension glue. Eyelash extension friendly makeup products such as black diamond mascara can enhance your look without affecting the longevity of your prized extensions. Some products such as Poni Cosmetics Lash And Brow Growth Serum can even increase your natural lash growth which means a fuller lash. Ask Dear Lashes at your next appointment for more information.

4. Try not to play with your extensions

I’m guilty of this, playing or pulling on my eyelash extensions without even thinking about it. Your skin also contains natural oils that can loosen your lashes if you rub your eyes. It may be common sense but lots of people including myself play with my extensions. If you notice that your lashes are not as curly or pointing in weird directions please use a clean mascara spoolie wand and roll it carefully over your lashes. Dear Lashes recommends doing this once per day to keep your eyelash extensions looking full and perfect.

5. Get your eyelash extensions done by a proffesional

Cheaper eyelash extensions usually spell trouble. Poor application and inferior products can be why your lashes fall out quicker than the normal 4 week period. Dear Lashess staff are professionally trained and use high quality salon grade glue. If you are interested in getting your eyelash extensions done by some of the best technicians in the industry please call 0402 612 142 or book online.


5 Celebrities With Amazing Eyelash Extensions

Celebrities have been the trendsetters for years. We bring their photos in when we want our hair or makeup done to show what look we are after.
These celebrities are rocking some eyelash extensions, lets go over how you can achieve each look.

1. Kim Kardashian eyelash extensions

Kim Kardashian eyelash extensions

We have Kim Kardashian to thank for so many trends that have come and gone over the last few years. The biggest one which is here to stay is definitely big eyelashes.
She is naturally blessed with gorgeous eyelashes, so she can handle and support a thick set of eyelash extensions, that are also balanced by her long lower lashes.
If you are after her look we would recommend our Poni Lash Serum & Glamour set of lashes, in a longer length.

2. Taylor Swift eyelash extensions

taylor swift eyelash extensions

Taylor Swift has gorgeous eyes. They are on the smaller side, but had a lovely almond shape.
If you wanted to achieve this look we would recommend our classic full set of lashes, in a winged out shape, to play on the outer corners.
To further enhance the shape, you can pair it with our Poni Pegasus Liquid eyeliner, which wont make your extensions fall our like other eyeliners.

3. Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions

Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions

Kylie Jenner has gorgeous features. Her bold lashes, and brows perfectly frame and lift her face.

To achieve her look we would recommend a glamour set of lashes, in a medium, curly length. It would pair perfectly with our signature brow sculpt to frame the eyes, and the face.

4. Beyonce eyelash extensions

beyonce eyelash extensions

Beyonce is always perfectly put together.
She has beautiful big, brown eyes, which pair perfectly with big lashes.
To achieve her look we recommend a Glamour set of lashes and our Poni Pegasus Liquid eyeliner

5. Selena Gomez eyelash extensions

selena gomez eyelash extensions

Selena Gomez also has smaller almond eyes, like Taylor Swift. She however opts for much more volume and thickness.
She doesn’t go too overboard with length which keeps them from making her eyes look smaller.
For this look we would recommend the Glamour set of eyelash extensions, in a shorter length.

Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Eyelashes?

I often get asked, “Do eyelash extensions ruin your eyelashes?.” The simple answer is NO, but that does depend on the type of salon you choose. Untrained staff, improper application and poor quality product can result in your natural lashes being damaged. Some people don’t even realize that their natural lashes are in bad shape until it’s too late. Please read on to find out my top 3 warning signs to help you avoid picking a bad beautician/salon.

1. Untrained Technicians.

This is the number one reason your natural eyelashes are getting damaged. Applying eyelash extensions is trained skill that is very hard to master. Beware of any salon that advertises on websites like Groupon or Gumtree. These type of salons often offer very cheap rates to attract more customers but do not put any focus on quality.

Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Eyelashes Photo

Any salon that offers a full set of eyelash extensions for $80 or under should be a big giveaway that their staff  are untrained. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

2. Improper Applications

This goes hand in hand with untrained technicians. Cheap salons usually hire self taught staff that don’t know what they are doing. Proper application is honed over hours of practice and critiquing by a professional eyelash technician. This is the only way to achieve the skills needed to not damaged someones natural lashes.

Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Eyelashes Example

Top – Before | Bottom – After

The best way to find out if your technician has been properly trained is to look at their before and after photos. If the lashes are pointing in different directions, clumping or appear spider like, then its time to find a better salon.

3. Poor Quality Product

Some salons try to save a buck by using poor quality products. This includes cheap eyelashes, glue and eyelash extension tools. Some people can have bad reactions to certain types of cheap glue. It’s always important to ask your technician what type of glue they use and if its ok for sensitive eyes. Always make sure the salon and their tools look hygienic and are sterile. If it is not, then you could contract many different types of eye infections.

Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Eyelashes Story

Eyelash Extensions done by Dear Lashes

If your existing salon ticks any of the above boxes then I suggest you find a new salon. Dear Lashes has been doing eyelash extensions for over 7 years now. Our staff are professionally trained and well practiced. We only use the best products that cater to all types of eyes including sensetive. Please check out our eyelash extensions before and after gallery to see lots of real eyelash extension clients that have gotten their lashes done at Dear Lashes.

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions

I get this question asked all the time. I always recommend getting them professionally removed. Trying to do it yourself could damage your natural lashes.

Eyelash Extension Glue Solvent

Eyelash extension removal by a professional is easy. The glue used to apply eyelash extensions is designed to last, and hold very well. So to be removed it requires a special glue remover solution. This special type of glue remover cannot be brought at the chemist or drugstore and is for professional use only. It needs to be applied and left for enough time to break down the glue so the extensions slide off without any damage to the natural lashes.

It will also sting like hell if if gets in your eyes so I wouldn’t recommend using it on yourself even if you had access to it.

Choose The Right Professional To Remove Your Eyelash Extensions

Some technicians can get impatient and pull too much which is a bad thing as the natural lashes can come out. If you only have 2-3 lashes left try using some coconut oil, but DO NOT pull. This is why I don’t recommend doing it at home as pulling and picking is very tempting.

Any reputable salon that provides eyelash extensions should be able to remove them for you at a reasonable cost. Please contact me if your require a lash removal at Dear Lashes.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Eyelash extensions can last up to 4 weeks depending on the health and amount of natural lashes you have. Only a professional beautician can apply long lasting eyelash extensions that wont clump, fall out and look terrible.

How often should you refill your eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are a huge life saver when it comes to grabbing a few extra minutes of shut eye in the morning. But they do require regular maintenance to look their best. On average you should be getting a refill done every 2 to 3 weeks. If you wait any longer, your eyelash extensions will start to look like spider lashes. A refill at Dear Lashes can cost between $40 and $70, depending on how long its been since your initial set or refill.

Why are my eyelash extensions falling out

Don’t stress, this is perfectly normal. Unfortunately there isn’t a magical cure to stop your eyelash extensions from falling out over time. People naturally lose 2 to 5 lashes every day and this doesn’t include eyelashes falling out due to lack of proper maintenance. The most common reason for eyelash extensions falling out rapidly is caused by getting them wet in the first 24 hours. This is because the glue that connect the natural lash to the eyelash extension has not been given enough time to bond and strengthen.

Clumping eyelash extensions are a warning sign

Be wary of some beauty salons that can apply clumpy eyelash extensions that last upwards of 5 weeks. Eyelash extensions that last this long are most likely damaging your natural lashes. Imagine having 5 or more false lashes hanging off 1 natural lash. This breaks the natural lash and damages the hair growth cycle. Another big no no is not brushing your eyelash extensions. This can make them appear more full, but in the long run it will distort natural lashes.

Eyelash extension safety

Eyelash extensions are safe, but only if applied by a professional and taken care of. If you want any tips on how to look after your eyelash extensions please click here.

Dear Lashes is located in Surrey Hills, Melbourne. If you are in the surrounding suburbs feel free to book in to get your eyelash extensions applied professionally.

6 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are an investment ! so make sure you take care of them. Once Dear Lashes has applied a perfect set of lashes, it is your job to maintain them. Extend the life of your lashes with these handy tips below.

  1. Avoid getting your extensions wet for the first 24 hours. Try using a face wash cloth the first day to remove other face make up. Avoid humid places such as steamy showers, saunas and dishwashers for the first 48 hours. This will give the eyelash glue time to bond and strengthen.
  2. Apply Black Diamond daily. This amazing product is easily applied like a mascara. It conditions your eyelash extensions and strengthens the bond in the eyelash glue.
  3. Clean your eyelash extensions gently in the shower. This will remove any oils or dead skin cells that naturally occur. This is important even if you do not wear any eye make up. The oils our eyes produce can break down the eyelash glue, meaning the extensions will fall off more quickly. A build up of dead skin at the base of the lashes will block new hair follicles from coming through, this stops your natural lashes from growing. It is important to always do this prior to your appointments to avoid the technician having to spend too much time cleaning instead of applying fresh lashes.
  4.  Avoid using mascara. If your eyelash extensions have been done well, you will not need mascara at all. Mascara will not only give a clumpy spider look to the extensions, but dramatically reduces the life of them.
  5. Sleep face up. This will help reduce you unintentionally pushing or pulling on your eyelash extensions.
  6. Keep oils away from your eyes. Oils can be found in your beauty products such as, heavy cleansers, eye creams and liquid liners. They can break down the glue. Make sure to avoid anything that says ‘waterproof‘ or ‘removes waterproof make up‘ as this is usually a good indication of a oil dense product.

Good luck and enjoy your long lasting eyelash extensions.