Monthly Makeup & Skincare Product Favourites

So no monthly favourites video this month as I spent the last week in bed with the flu. So instead I thought I would share my favs here!


Becca Cosmetics, Champagne Pop

Jaclyn Hills famous #highlightonfleek has been an obsession when I’m fake tanned. I can just make it work when I don’t have fake tan, but only using it very sparingly. It’s so intense and beautiful I can’t wait to get my hands on some more Becca highlighters.

Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion

This is very cooling and calming to the skin which was really awesome because at the start of the month my skin was super itchy due to allergies so it soothed my skin. The cooling properties make you a bit cold which is a downside for winter but will be awesome come summer.

Too Faced Perfect Nude Lip Pencil

I’ve loved this forever but it ran out a while ago and I finally replaced it and fell in love all over again. It’s a cool toned nude that is super long wearing. Makes a perfect base for lipsticks or worn on its own with a lip balm.

Thin Lizzys 6 in 1

This is a subtle yet build able bronzer which is great for no makeup days. I love wearing it when I am working at the gym or can’t be bothered doing a full face of makeup but need to give my face a little bit of colour and dimension.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

This fills in my pores so so nicely & gives me a silky smooth base to apply my makeup to. Not much else to say but I am considering splurging on the full size.

EX1 Delete Concealer

This corrector was in my ex1 foundation first impressions (click here to watch video) and since then I have been reaching for it all the time. Since it’s a yellow/olive tone & not a crazy orange it’s really easy to work with around my eyes and the tones help cover redness in blemishes too.

Sigma Beauty 3DHD Kabuki Brush

If you have seen my full face of first impressions video on YouTube you will recognise this brush. It has a cool double edge on it which I thought at first was gimmicky but it’s so handy and makes it my favourite foundation brush. The shape means you can hold it from below a little more relaxed and apply with one side then buff out with the other.

Carmex Moisture Plus

This has saved my lips from become disgusting while I was dying of the flu. Not once did I have chapped ‘sick people lips’ and I attribute it to this. Also put it on before bed every night and wake up with smooth lips.

Dirty Works Face Scrub

This is a very fine face scrub that leaves my skin feeling so clean and like every dead skin cell has been taken care of. It has a refreshing scent and leaves my skin super smooth.

Sigma Beauty Lip Base Indulgent

This is the perfect my lips but better nude. It’s very creamy for a pencil and can cover the lips and be comfortably worn all over without a lip balm. The size of the pencil means it can be easily used to line and fill in the lips.

Aveeno Night Cream

I picked up the day moisturiser from target the other day and have been enjoying the matching night cream. As my skin is quite dry it’s been nice having something a bit heavier but not too thick and greasy.

I hope you enjoyed this months favourites!

10 Easy Steps To Rehydrate Your Face

  1. Get 2 teaspoons and go throw them in the freezer for later and have a big glass of water. If you have it, then have coconut water,or a drink high in electrolytes.
  2. Now I want you to go take your makeup off. If you did last night, then good job! But I still want you to go wash your face again with warm water. Once everything is off your face, splash it with cold water to reduce puffiness and wake yourself up. Soak some tea bags in cold water, and apply them to your eye area for a few minutes, the caffeine will help reduce and treat the puffiness.
  3. If you have a facial serum or hydrating toner use that, and then moisturise your face- preferably with a hydrating moisturiser.
  4. Take the spoons out of the freezer and place them over your eyes to reduce the puffiness, and wake up.
  5. This is the time for your tinted moisturiser or bb cream. It will even out your complexion without being too heavy on your skin, which will give it time to rehydrate! Anything too heavy or matte will just make you look more dry and dehydrated.
  6. Use only as much concealer as you need, focusing on the inner eye area, and ‘ring’ under the eye, and if you have it, opt for a light reflecting formula so you don’t need to use as much.
  7. Use some blush or bronzer to add colour back into your face and fool people into thinking you’re feeling nice and awake.
  8. Avoid too much black around your eyes as it will make them look heavier, which is the last thing you want to do right now. Use a white, or flesh colored eye pencil in the water line to take away any red, and lots of volumising or curling black mascara on your upper lashes to open up your eyes. Skip the bottom lashes as it will cause a shadow and potentially draw attention to your under eye area.
  9. Avoid any matte lipsticks today, use a lip balm or moisturising lippy/gloss. If your lips aren’t dry and flaky, you can bring attention to them (and away from tired eyes) with a non matte, bright lipstick.
  10. Get a big bottle, fill it with water, and take it with you everywhere today!

Hope this helps you feel a little more human, and a little less walking dead!