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Hoola Bronzer Range Review | Benefit Cosmetics

The Hoola Bronzer by Benefit is definitely a cult classic. I remember years ago, when I first started watching YouTube videos, it was one of the most popular bronzers around. Now- maybe 10 years later? (showing my age here..) It is STILL one of the leading bronzers.
The reason for this is the gorgeous, universally flattering shade.
But over the last few years, Benefit decided to extend the hoola bronzer range. And in my opinion.. it is now even better!
To see all of the shades in action, check out my Benefit Hoola Range Review & Demo Video *

Benefit’s hoola bronzer swatches

Hoola Bronzer swatches

Hoola Bronzer Swatches
Hoola Lite, Hoola, Quickie Contour Stick, Dew the Hoola

As you can see from the swatches, the entire hoola bronzer range is on the same colour spectrum. With Dew the Hoola as the most warm toned. I find this works really well, as it is a liquid – I will swirl it all over my face with a duo fibre brush, adding a sunkissed glow. The others are a bit more neutral toned, meaning you can use them to contour or bronze your skin, depending on if you like a cream or powder.

My thoughts on the new hoola bronzer lite

When I first saw it sneak peeked on a coffee date with Benebae Ela earlier this year, I had my doubts. I never found the original hoola bronzer too dark. But now that there is a Lite version, I can’t imagine my life without it. Once you apply it to your skin, it transforms and builds into the most gorgeous natural bronze shade. I can use this from my fairest to when I am at my most tanned, and it still shows up and always looks stunning.

Hoola Bronzer vs hoola lite

Hoola Lite (top)
Hoola Classic (bottom)

What makes the hoola bronzer cream contour amazing!

Hoola Bronzer quickie contour

Quickie Contour Stick

I have actually found my holy grail cream contour product. The Hoola Quickie Contour stick is incredible. I cannot imagine not having it in my collection anymore. I use it every single day I wear makeup. On a natural makeup day, it will be all I wear on my cheeks, blended out with a little highlight. On full glam days.. I use this, and layer it with the entire hoola bronzer range – coz I’m super extra.

Hoola Bronzer quickie contour stick

Quickie Contour Stick
Top – blended
Bottom – swatched

What are your favourites from the collection? Mine are definitely the newest to the family. Hoola Lite and Quickie Contour Stick.

  • This range was generously gifted to me from Benefit Cosmetics.

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