IPL Hair Removal

What is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL Hair Removal is a quick and effective solution for unwanted hair. It is also used as a treatment for an assortment of skin conditions such as acne, scars and redness. IPL is short for ‘intense pulsed light‘. In layman terms, heated light from the IPL machine penetrates your skin and essentially kills the unwanted hair cells ( making them fall out. ) Your IPL Hair Removal results will depend on what colour your skin and hair is. Fair skin and dark hair is the easiest to target.

Does IPL Hair Removal work?

Dear Lashes guarantees IPL is the best hair removal method currently on the market. Most people have astounding results after their initial IPL treatment. Dear Lashes recommends multiple sessions to maximise the effectiveness of the IPL treatment results. This is due to your body having multiple hair growth cycles. Discounts are applied when buying in bulk.

IPL vs Laser Hair Removal

IPL has been proven to be less painful than Laser. Since IPL is relatively pain free, it is great for those sensitive areas of the body including the arm pit or pubic area. IPL is on average 35% cheaper than Laser treatments done by a professional. IPL is a safer option to Laser since IPL uses heated light and not powerful laser rays to kill the unwanted hair cells.

How safe is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL Hair Removal side effects are very rare. In most cases the treated area will become slightly red and feel like sunburn. Dear Lashes recommends using aloe vera gel to sooth the affected area.

IPL Hair Removal for women in Melbourne

Dear Lashes’s salon has a dedicated private room just for body hair removal. All treatments will be performed in a professional and safe manner. All treatments are performed by a female staff member who has been professional trained and well practised.

How much does IPL Hair Removal cost?


ServiceSingle PricePrepay 6
Lip$29$19 each
Chin$29$23 each
Neck$45$35 each
Sides$49$39 each


ServiceSingle PricePrepay 6
Underarms$49$39 each
Tummy$60$45 each
Half arm$90$75 each
Shoulders$100$80 each
Chest$125$100 each
Stomach$125$100 each


ServiceSingle PricePrepay 6
Bunny tail$40$30 each
Lower back$99$79 each
Buttocks$115$90 each
Back$190$165 each


ServiceSingle PricePrepay 6
Bikini$25$15 each
XXX Brazilian$65$50 each


ServiceSingle PricePrepay 6
Feet and toes$45$35 each
Upper leg$75$69 each
Lower leg$170$135 each
Full leg$269$199 each

Shaving fee is $15
Male may be + 25% on certain parts of the body.

If you cannot finish your IPL sessions for any particular reason, Dear Lashes is happy to put your pre-paid credit towards another service. Unfortunately Dear Lashes cannot give refunds. If you need to cancel a session please give 48 hours notice or a 25% cancellation fee will be taken from your prepaid credit.

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