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Mecca Max Makeup Launch | Products, Review, Swatches

Mecca are launching their own makeup line, Mecca Max, on August 1st 2017. Mecca is one of the leading cosmetics houses in Australia, with 2 different concept stores. Mecca Cosmetica is more of a luxury focus, with higher end brands, and a more one on one experience from staff to customers. Mecca Maxima is more of the every day store, with all of your essential beauty brands. Their new brand has everything you would need, at an affordable price range from $5-$45. This makes it perfect for those who are just getting into makeup, girls and boys on a budget, or people like me – serial makeup hoarders who have to have it all! I was lucky to be gifted some of the new makeup goodies, as well as attend the launch party last week in Sydney. So today I wanted to go over ALL of the new makeup products that are coming out. I have includes swatches and little first impressions of the products I currently have as well, and if you want a detailed review on any of them please let me know. Shop Mecca Here

mecca max makeup look

Makeup look using the new Mecca Max makeup.
Eyes – Eyephoria palette
Cheeks – Triple threat cream palette
Lips – A-lipster Skinny Latte

Face to the Max

Mecca Max Primers

mecca max makeup primers

First Base, Oh my matte!, Bring on bright.

There are 3 new primers coming out that will retail for $20 each. First base, an every day primer that contains SPF. Oh my matte! Which is a mattifying primer, for those with oily skin. Bring on bright, an illuminating primer. I have tried out the mattifying primer, which feels very silky smooth when I rub it on the back of my hand.. However with my drier skin type, I can’t say too much about how effective it is. I have tried it on my face once, and it is not a primer you want to rub in, as it starts to set very very quickly, and will ball off. You need to press it into the skin. I am very interested in the sound of the illuminating primer.

mecca max makeup oh my matte primer

Oh My Matte Primer

Mecca Max Foundation | Life Proof Long Wear Foundation

mecca max makeup life proof

Mecca Max Life Proof Longwear Foundation

I am really excited to try this new foundation! I love trying new foundations so much, and you all seem to enjoy my first impression videos. So let me know if you would like to see one on this. It claims to be long wear, matte, oil-free, waterproof, buildable natural skin. It comes in 8 shades, from the image they don’t look too varied, but I will be interested to see in person how they really look. It will retail for $32, for 30mL.

Mecca Max Game Proof BB Cream

mecca max makeup game face

Game Face BB Cream

I got my hands one on of the new BB creams. However the shade I have is a bit too light for me at the moment. It does feel very nice though. It has SPF 30, and a luminous finish. It will come in 5 shades, and retails for $26.

mecca max makeup game face light-medium

Game Face BB Cream, Light-Medium. Swatches vs. Blended.

Mecca Max Blue Veil Wet & Dry Powder Foundation

mecca max makeup blur veil

Blur Veil – Wet & Dry Powder Foundation

This is a standard powder foundation. You can use it lightly to set a liquid foundation, or build it up on its own for an every day natural finish. It claims is can be used with a damp sponge for more coverage. I have never tried that before, but am definitely intrigued. It comes in 5 shades and claims a luminous finish. This powder foundation will retail for only $25.

Mecca Max Life Proof Concealer

mecca max makeup life proof concealer

Life Proof Concealer

I love a good liquid concealer, they seem to work the best for my problematic under eyes. So I will definitely need to try this one. It comes in 5 shades, that again don’t look too different in the stock photos, but hopefully have a noticeable variance in person. Retailing for $22.

Mecca Max Sunlit Bronzer

mecca max makeup sunlit skin bronzer

Sunlit Bronzer – Medium

The sunlit bronzer will come in 3 shades, light, medium, and dark. It has a subtle light reflecting property, which makes it easier to blend than a matte. It doesn’t come off shimmery, so perfect to bronze or contour with. I have tried out the medium one, and it is quite pigmented. I personally prefer creams these days, so struggle a bit with powder bronzers unless they are very light as I am too heavy handed. This is a gorgeous shade though, with lovely packaging, and detail to the actual pressed powder. I am definitely interested in trying the lighter shade, as I feel it will compliment my cream products better. This will be $22

mecca max makeup sunlit skin bronzer medium

Sunlit Bronzer – Medium Swatch

Mecca Max Chic Cheek Blush

I am not much of a blush person these days. But this blush will be coming in 3 shades. That all look quite different, which is a nice change from huge blush collections with minor differences. For only $22 these will be a steal.

mecca max makeup chic cheek

Chic Cheek Blush

Mecca Max Skin Halo Diamond Dust

These 3 highlighters all look stunning. And I got to play around with them at the launch party. They will only be $22 each. White gold will be stunning on fairer skin types. Solid gold is the one I want to pick up first, as I feel it will compliment my fake tan so nicely. I didn’t get to play with rose gold.

mecca max makeup skin halo diamond dust

Skin Halo Diamond Dust

Mecca Max Press Refresh Ant-shine Balm

This is a blotting balm to help absorb oil. I have never been a huge fan of these, probably because of my drier skin type. If you are an oily skin type, an interested in this one, it will be $24

mecca max makeup press refresh

Press Refresh Balm

Mecca Max Banana Bake Skin Filter

I love a good banana powder, especially if it is a paler banana shade. I feel like this will hopefully be light enough to work for me, as finding the perfect banana shade can be a bit hard. It will only be $24

mecca max makeup banana bake

Banana Bake

Mecca Max Shimmer Shot Illuminating Wand

mecca max makeup shimmer shot

Shimmer Shot Illuminating Wand

The illuminating wand comes in 3 shades, bronze, soft gold, and pearl. It is a liquid face product, that can be used to add colour, depth and glow to the face. It comes in a stick form, that you click to get the product out with its own in build brush.

mecca max makeup shimmer shot opal

Shimmer Shot Illuminating Wand – Pearl

Mecca Max Triple Threat Face Shaper

mecca max makeup triple threat cream

Triple Threat Cream

The triple threat will be available in a powder and a cream version. I have played around with the cream one, and it pleasantly surprised me. It is very creamy, blendable and flattering tones for my complexion. And for $30 it is worth every cent.

mecca max makeup triple threat cream swatches

Triple Threat Cream

Eyes to the Max

Mecca Max The Transformer – Eye Primers

These eye primers will come in 3 shades, nude, shimmer, and smoke. I personally don’t use eye primers, I seem to be allergic to an ingredient in most of them. I usually prep my lids with concealer and powder. But if you like tinted eye primers, these are only $18 each.

mecca max makeup the transformer

The Transformer

Mecca Max Wink Ink – Liquid Eyeliner

This is a double ended liquid eyeliner pen. There is a thin end for precise application, and a thick end for more bold looks. $20 for a 2 in 1 product seems to be good value too.

mecca max makeup wink ink

Wink Ink

Mecca Max Eye Max Eyeliner Pencil

Everyone needs a few eyeliner pencils in their collection. I don’t like to spend too much on them as i don’t find too much difference between most pencils. These are only $13 and come in 3 shades.

mecca max makeup eye max eyeliner

Eye Max – Eyeliner Pencil

Mecca Max The Illuminati

These are cream to powder shadows. I feel like they would be similar to the stila magnificent metals. They will come in 5 shades, for $18 each.

mecca max makeup illuminati

The Illuminati

Mecca Max Double Vision

These are eye shadow duos, available in 20 shades. They contain 1 cream, and 1 powder shadow. $16 each.

mecca max makeup double vision

Double Vision

Mecca Max Wink Weapon

These are mini eyeshadow palettes that look super cute. They come in 4 shades, and each palette has 6 colours. All containing 1  glitter pigment each. For only $30, they appear to be good value.

mecca max makeup wink weapon

Wink Weapon

Mecca Max Eyephoria

mecca max makeup eyephoria palette


This palette swatches amazingly. The colours seem to be very pigmented. I did experience fall out when swatching, as well as applying to my eyes. For me this isn’t a big deal, as I prefer to do my eyes first so I can be as messy as I like. The bronze shades work well, the purples need more layering as they disappear as they get blended out. This is $45, so still very reasonably priced, but the most expensive from the range.

mecca max makeup eyephoria swatches

Eyephoria Palette

Mecca Max Brow Guru Insta-Lift

I can’t tell if this is a powder or a cream product. I am intrigued by it, but confused by its description. It is $20

mecca max makeup brow guru

Brow Guru Insta-Lift

Mecca Max Brow Guru Gel

Every makeup collection needs a clear brow gel. The test is always if it will hold or not. $16

mecca max makeup brow guru gel

Brow Guru Gel

Mecca Max Eye Max Power Couple Mascara

mecca max makeup eye max

Power Couple Mascara

This is a double ended mascara. The packaging is very luxe, and feels good quality. The brushes on the wands are both significantly different. I haven’t formed an opinion on the volumizing end. But I LOVE the mini one to death. My bottom lashes are tiny, and I either smudge mascara everywhere, or don’t get enough on, so they remain invisible. This is my fav mascara for lower lashes. This is $38, for 2 mascaras in 1. The volumizing one is available on its own for only $25, and hope to see the mini one on its own in the future.

mecca max makeup eye max mascara

Mini Wand


mecca max makeup eye max volumizing mascara

Maxi Wand

Lips to the Max

Mecca Max Pout Pop Lipsticks

mecca max makeup pout pop

Pout Pop Lipstick

These lipsticks will come in 29 shades. 13 regular, 11 sheer finish, and 5 mega mattes. For only $20 each.

mecca max makeup pout pop lipstick

Freedom Fighter

Mecca Max Gloss Boss Lipgloss

This lipgloss will come in 10 shades. For $18 each.

mecca max makeup gloss boss

Gloss Boss

Mecca Max Shimmer Shot Lip Glitter

These are 4 metallic finish lip glosses. They can be layered, or worn alone. $18 each.

mecca max makeup lip glitter

Lip Glitter

Mecca Max A-Lipster Liquid Lipstick

mecca max makeup a-lipster

A-Lipster Liquid Lipstick Skinny-Latte

These are regular liquid to matte lipsticks. I have tried the shade skinny-latte and it seems to apply nicely, and be reasonable comfortable for a matte lipstick. I will be doing a wear test with that one, so keep an eye out. It comes in 7 shades, for $28

Mecca Max City Slickers Tinted Oil

Ok I am a sucker for lip oils, so these will for sure be the first thing I add to my cart when the range is available online. There are 3 shades, and only $16 each.

mecca max makeup city slickers

City Slickers

Final Thoughts

The range also will include makeup removers, setting sprays, makeup wipes and brush cleansing products. As well as a whole range of tools, such as brushes and sponges. They also have false lashes, hair ties, clips, nail polishes and more. They really are releasing a huge range. I just wanted to focus on the makeup today, as there is just so much coming out. Let me know what you want to see more detailed reviews on, and I can do that for you.




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