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Poni Unicorn Blush, Bronzer, Highlight Review & Swatches

poni unicorn cosmetics

Poni cosmetics have come out with an amazing new powder cheek line. The Poni Unicorn line contains a blush, bronzer, and highlighter. They all come in a stunning rose gold compact, with a good quality mirror inside. They are cruelty free, made in Australia, and super affordable at only $40 each. They all have an ombre design, some more subtle than others. Lets have a look.

poni unicorn cosmetics demo

Wearing the Poni Unicorn cheek collection


Poni Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer

poni unicorn chocolate bronzer

The Poni Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer is a very flattering shade. I haven’t been using powder bronzers lately as I find creams easier to blend, but I was really happy with how easily this applies. I like to swirl this all over the cheeks for a warm bronzed look. And take the darker side on a smaller brush to contour my cheekbones. I like that the difference in the 2 shades isn’t too extreme, otherwise fair skin people would not be able to use the darker side, and deeper tones wouldn’t be able to use the lighter side. I do find this shade to be quite universal, you can use a light hand or build it up for more intense colour pay off.

poni unicorn chocolate bronzer swatches

Dark End, Light End, Mixed.

Poni Unicorn Champagne Highlighter

poni unicorn champagne highlight

The Poni Unicorn Champagne Highlighter was not what I was expecting at all – in the best possible way! When you hear ombre, you instantly think of 2 different shades, perfectly blended in the middle. First look at this highlighter, it looks to be all the one colour. That is because the ombre is in the texture and finish, from subtle every day glow, to intense night on the town highlight. One side is perfect to dust over all the high points for a healthy every day glow. The other side is the most intense. I personally love to just swirl my brush in the entire pan and get a gorgeous champagne sheen.

poni unicorn champagne highlight swatches

Intense end, Subtle end, Mixed.

Poni Unicorn Candy Blush

poni unicorn candy blush


The Poni Unicorn Candy Blush is a super pigmented powder blush. The ombre in this one is the most obvious to look at. You have a peachy side, perfect for warm toned looks, and a pink side for a more natural flush. You can mix them together for the best of both worlds. I love to use this with a fan brush, because I like a very subtle blush look. With this product, a little goes a long way, so you will be set for a long time with this beauty in your collection.

poni unicorn candy blush swatches

Pink, Peach, Mixed.

Poni Unicorn Final Thoughts

I think Poni really hit the nail on the head with this collection. As you all know, because I stock them in my salon, I love Poni Cosmetics. Some of you may or may not have noticed I do not have the entire collection available in store, and my online shop. That is because I only stock my absolute favourites. As soon as I tried these, I knew I had to get them in for my clients to enjoy as well. That is when you know it is an amazing product! I like that these are all available individually, not in a palette, because not everyone will be a ‘blush person’ or a ‘bronzer person’ etc, This also allows you to add to your collection one by one, and not have to spend too much money in one hit. Also if you find you go through them at different rates, you can easily replace 1 without having to buy a whole new palette.
What do you all think of the new Poni Unicorn Range?

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