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Sigma Brushes | Foundation Brush Review & Breakdown

Sigma have been leading the way in makeup brushes ever since I first started watching Youtube. People can waver between whatever brand is new and trending. I am also guilty of this. However I always come back to these brushes. Sigma brushes are amazing quality, and hugely varied to suit everyone’s individual preferences. To help you find your perfection brush match, I am going to break down 4 of the hottest foundation brushes from Sigma, the F80, F83, 3DHD & 3DHD Max.

Sigma Brushes 3DHD Max Kabuki

sigma brushes 3hdh max

3DHD Max Front & Side View

The 3DHD Max Kabuki is one of the newest additions to the sigma foundation brush family. It is also my absolute favourite! That is why we are talking about it first. If you watched my video breakdown/demo of these brushes, you would have seen how infatuated I am. It is very similar in shape to the original 3DHD kabuki brush, but much bigger. Being bigger, the bristles are longer, therefore softer. It works well on my sensitive skin, and huge head. I like to apply with one side, and buff with the other. You can also use the pointed tip to blend out right under the eyes, and as it is so soft, it doesn’t tug at the delicate area.

Sigma Brushes 3DHD  Kabuki

sigma brushes 3hdh kabuki

3DHD Kabuki front & Side View

I first tried the 3DHD  Kabuki a few years ago now. I was really baffled, and thought it was a gimmick. As soon as I started working with it, I quickly fell in love. Having the 2 sides means I can apply my foundation with one, and flip it over to buff it in. The point down the center also makes it easy to get into the corners of your nose, and other facial crevices. The bristles are shorter than the Max version, making it denser, and better for full coverage lovers.

Sigma Brushes F83 Curved Kabuki

sigma brushes f83

F83 Curved Kabuki

The Sigma F83 is a weird looking one. I had to go check out the Sigma website the first time I tried it, because I didn’t quite understand it. It is listed as a foundation brush, however it is your new cream contouring best friend. The curved design makes it foolproof to get a perfectly blended contour, every single time. I didn’t think it would make a massive difference, but check out my video when it goes live, and see how it perfectly applies & blends in seconds.

Sigma Brushes F80 Flat Top Kabuki

sigma brushes f80

F80 Flat Top Kabuki

The Sigma F80 is a cult classic. It has been around the longest, and so many dupes have come out of it. I don’t mind it, but I can’t use it on its own. That is just personal preference, many people absolutely adore it, and won’t use anything else for their foundation. I find that I will still need to go in with a clean buffing brush, or damp sponge just to give an airbrushed finish.

Final Thoughts

I think you can tell.. I LOVE the new sigma brushes. The 3DHD Max Kabuki is just amazing, and can be used for just about anything. The F83 is actually so incredible for cream contour, I am wondering how I even did it before. If you want to purchase anything from Sigma Beauty, you can you my affiliate code ‘ameamay’ for 10% off your purchases.

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