Spray Tan

What is the best spray tan solution?

Dear Lashes exclusively uses Custom Tan as its preferred tanning solution. Custom Tan has been voted Australia’s Best Fake Tan 3 times by independent review. Celebrity’s such as Katie Price and Deltra Goodrem endorse the product. The solution is made up of a high quality organic DHA tan that comes in a variety of shades. Custom Tan comes in a variety of colours that look and feel natural.

How long do spray tans last?

On average a spray tan lasts from 5-10 days when maintained properly, however in some cases it can be longer. To extend your spray tan you should moisturise your body day and night. As your tan starts to fade you can apply a gradual tanning moisturiser.

How do I prepare for my spray tan?

50% of a successful tan depends on how well you come prepared to your appointment. You should exfoliate your skin in the shower with an exfoliation mitt to remove any dead skin cells or old tan. Make sure you don’t apply any lotions or deodorants as these will create a barrier for the tan, this includes moisturisers and make-up. Any waxing or shaving should be done at least 24-48 hours before your spray tan to ensure a even layer of tan. Dear Lashes recommends that you wear old baggy clothes to minimize any tan rubbing off on your way home. Most people prefer to wear a g-string when getting tanned, but this is a personal choice. The tanning solution will develop over 8 hours. You are welcome to shower before then but if you want to be dark as possible then just sleep with your tan on and shower in the morning. Try not to sweat or get your new tan wet until you can shower.

How long does a spray tan appointment take?

Dear Lashes can do a full body spray tan in 10 minutes. We will then dry you for 5 minutes with cool air from the tanning machine. Once that is done you should be ok to go home.

Professional spray tans in Melbourne

Dear Lashes will always leave your body with a natural, golden brown glow that is flawless and even all over. A professional spray tan is a healthy way to achieve a great complexion without causing damage to your skin. We offer two tanning solutions for you to choose from, regular or dark.

How much does a spray tan cost?

ServiceSingle Price
Full body$35

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