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Top 5 Luxurious Highlighter Makeup Products

Highlighting doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, any time soon. So today I want to show you my top 5 highlighter makeup products. I broke them into 5 categories, to make it a bit easier for myself, because I am a highlight JUNKIE! Send me to makeup rehab haha.
If you are interested, here is my Highlighter Collection Video from 2016

Shimmer highlighter makeup

highlighter makeup abh nicole g

ABH X Nicole Guerrio Glow Kit Swatches

If you want to be shimmering, and shining all over the place.. You need to get your hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills X Nicole Guerrio Glow Kit. It is more shimmery than her other glow kits. This means it photographs amazingly! I can sometimes struggle to capture the glow on camera, but not with this palette. There are 6 wonderful shades in the palette too, making it super versatile if you like to infrequently tan, or work on a variety of skin tones. Check out my full review here

highlighter makeup abh nicole g swatches

ABH X Nicole Guerrio Glow Kit (Swatches- Kitty kat, forever young, day dream, forever lit, glow getter, 143)

Liquid highlighter makeup

Liquid highlighter can be difficult for some people to work with. Which is why you need the Cover FX Sunlight Custom Enhancer drops. I could come up with  101 ways to use this beauty. But my favourites would have to be the following.
Mixed in with my foundation to create an all over glow.
Under my foundation for a lit from within  glow.
On top of foundation, on the highest points of the face for intense gleam factor.

highlighter makeup cover fx

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops – Sunlight

Gold highlighter makeup

highlighter makeup champagne pop

Becca Champagne Pop

I couldn’t do a fav highlighters post without mentioning my MOST USED (OMG) one! Champagne Pop by Becca.. You are just everything to me. I love this when I am fake tanned, which is 99% of the time. It has a gorgeous golden sheen to the face, which isn’t too yellow. It has a mix of peach, pink, gold, and of course champagne – making it work for most skin types. Jaclyn Hill, you really nailed it with this one!

highlighter makeup champagne pop swatch

Becca Champagne Pop Swatched

Natural highlighter makeup

With a name like Dandelion Twinkle, you can just picture how dainty and gorgeous this highlight will be before even seeing it. It is the newest one by Benefit, and their first powder highlight. If you apply one layer of this it will be so gorgeous and subtle, you will just look like you have a natural radiant glow. However you can definitely still build it up! Even applying it while your setting spray is still drying will give a super intense pop – making it work for day or night time.

highlighter makeup dandelion twinkle

Benefit Cosmetics – Dandelion Twinkle

Cream highlighter makeup

LA Lights hollywood & highlight from Smashbox was a random buy, that was totally worth it! It is so easy to work with. Never – not even once, has it made my foundation  patchy. I love to draw it straight on, before setting my face with powder, and then blend with my fingers. Use it alone, or under your favourite powder highlight for a super intense look.

highlighter makeup smashbox

Smashbox – LA Lights hollywood & highlight


What is your must have strobing essential?




highlighter makeup swatches

(top-bottom) Champagne pop, Dandelion twinkle, hollywood & highlight, sunlight


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