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ghd Curve Review | Classic Wave Wand

Today we are talking about the ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand. I was kindly sent this to review by ghd, and haven’t been able to put it down since it arrived the other week. It is the most unique curling wand I have ever seen, let alone get my hands on. The ghd Curve Collection contains 2 wands, and 2 tongs, all pictured below. I got my pick of the 4, and just couldn’t resist this clampless design.

ghd curve range

ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand

ghd curve classic wand

The ghd Curve Classic Wave wand has a unique oval shaped barrel. Much to my surprise, you can create many different looks with this wand, which will will discuss further down this post. It heats up to 185°C, with a tri-zone technology. This basically means, it is the same temperature the entire way around the wand. The tip is cool, which makes it perfect for those like me who don’t like to wear a heat resistant glove. For those who are just starting out, the wand does come with a glove, which I would recommend using.

ghd curve classic

1 simple button on the front. Hold to turn on and off. Automatic timer will turn the wand off after 30min of inactivity. Meaning you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it on if you go out.

ghd curve side

From the side profile you can see the little stand which kicks out from the centre of the wand. This is great because it means that you can have it sitting on a surface and not worry about melting it. Which is good because unlike the platinum, the curve doesn’t come standard with a heat resistant mat/case.

ghd curve classic top view

From the top view you can see how the oval shaped barrel looks. It goes from 38mm at its widest, to 26mm at the most narrow.

Different looks with ghd Curve Classic

The ghd curve would create deep hollywood style waves on longer hair. However I have much shorter hair, so wanted to show you how it looks with medium length hair.

ghd Curve Look 1

ghd curve festival hair

I have a complete tutorial over on youtube for this look. It is where I wrapped each section of hair around the wand once only, and slid it back and forth. I thought I would show this technique in a video because it is so easy once you see it, but a little tricky to explain.

ghd curve classic wand look 02

This is how it looks once gently brushed out.

ghd Curve Look 2

ghd curve classic look 01

The next technique is simple. Just wrap each section flat around the wand from root to tip. Hold for 5-10 seconds depending on your desired look.

ghd curve classic wand look 01

This is how the curls look wrapped from base to ends. With all curls going in the same direction.

ghd curve classic wand look 01 brushed

And brushed out with my fingers.

ghd curve classic wand look 01 alternating

Personally I love alternating the direction of my curls. This creates more volume, and a more ‘effortless’ look.

ghd Curve Look 3

ghd curve classic look 03

One wrap around is my most commonly used technique. Having blonde hair, I don’t like to put direct heat onto my ends all the time. So I find that adding a slight bend in my hair is super effective at making my air dried hair look a little bit more put together.

ghd curve classic look 03 tutorial

Fresh ‘bend’ in my hair.

ghd curve classic look 03 brushed

And brushed out.

ghd Curve Final Thoughts

I adore how universal this wand looks. I wasn’t sure if my hair might be too short for this tool, but it really isn’t. It leaves my hair looking so silky and shiny, and holds the curl all day with very minimal additional product. I would definitely recommend this tool if you are looking for a new curling wand. Shop Here.

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